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baby left with 'devil horns'after an operation 2018-11-15 02:19:35 A toddler in the Philippines born with a rare...
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baby left with 'devil horns'after an operation

baby left with 'devil horns'after an operation
A toddler in the Philippines born with a rare condition has been left with a misshapen skull which looks like 'devil horns after an operation to reduce pressure on his brain. According to reports,22-months old Clyne Solano was born with a condition known as hydranencephaly,which meant he had a small brain and fluid inside his head. The Philippines born Clyne,underwent an operation in March this year to relieve pressure on his brain. But unfortunately, part of his skull collapsed where his brai hadn't formed,leaving ridges on his head that resembled 'devil horns'. with his condition, he can only be fed through a tube and has a pipe inserted into his airways to help him breathe.
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